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Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is a kind of grayish-black powder substance soluble in acid and alkali, containing hydroxyl, amino and other groups, widely used in agriculture, medicine and other fields. It is the best component of Humic Acidin activity and stress resistance, and has the functions of nitrogen extraction, phosphorus solubilization, potassium promotion and fertilizer utilization. It can accelerate the formation of soil into aggregates and improve the physical and chemical properties of soil.

Fulvic acid is a kind of grayish-black powder substance soluble in acid and alkali, containing hydroxyl, amino and other groups, widely used in agriculture, medicine and other fields. It is the best component of Humic Acidin activity and stress resistance, and has the functions of nitrogen extraction, phosphorus solubilization, potassium promotion and fertilizer utilization. It can accelerate the formation of soil into aggregates and improve the physical and chemical properties of soil.